Luccas' Rituals on film // Seattle Family Photographer


I started shooting when Lucca was born in order to capture his childhood.  I had no vision and mostly copied photos of other people.  As my voice grew stronger, I realized I wanted to capture his rituals and our traditions more than anything else.  One of his morning rituals was to eat his vitamins (called ga-ga's)  while watching a morning show.  He ate them methodically, biting off the top half first, and then placing the bottoms for later.  Much like some eat an oreo.  He's now outgrown this ritual and can say "vitamin", but I'll have this image forever.  It's small and subtle, but I treasure it for how it makes him unique.  To me, this simple image is precious.


If you have a ritual or family tradition you want captured, please contact me.  This project has led me to shooting a family trip to Vashon, pumpkin patches, Sat. morning pancakes and game night.  I'm passionate about giving familes images that are a window into what makes a family, their family.

Morning Ritual

Lucca inspired the Ritual Project.  It occurred to me that our daily rituals together would one day be completely different.  How precious this time of innocence is, for both of us.  When I look back as a mother, these are the moments I want captured for a lifetime.  These mundane, quite moments that fill our day is where the real magic lies.  This concept to stop small moments of time in Lucca's day birthed the ritual project and really made me start to think about the direction I want to take my photography.  Some of my favorite photos to date are ones where you can't see a face, maybe they're a little out of focus or the composition isn't perfect, but there's a connection to the raw moment.  So, here's a little window into what our mornings look like.