My little Lucca on film // Seattle Family Photographer

Lucca, today you turn 5. Oh, how I adore watching your personality grow.

You are my adventure partner, ever willing to try new things.

You are my snuggle partner, always needing to connect.

You are gregarious.

You love your super heroes and swords just as much as your fuzzy friends.

 You are sensitive.

You are stubborn.

You are my living room dance partner.

You are my sous chef.

You use words like qualm.

You light up when you are proud.

You hop, skip or run everywhere, it's no wonder you're so skinny.

You like sticks, rocks, bugs and messes.

You are a total extrovert, always wanting to be in the action.

You are tender and loving.

You love riding your bike, racing and scooters.

You still enjoy holding my hand, which I'm ever grateful for.

You are my soul, my muse, my joy, my everything.

Happy Birthday my dear son.  You make me a better person, make my days brighter, make my heart overfill and my days anything but boring.  Thank you little one, for being exactly who you are.